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Security – Our Prime Concern

At Exstock, security is one of our prime concerns. We take the security of your information very seriously. There are ways you could help to enhance the security of your information. This section recommends some of the security measures in accessing and working with (“our site”), Exstock’s mobile applications (“our App”).


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How can you help?

Your Exstock account information is protected by a Password. It is crucial that you protect against unauthorised access to your account and information by choosing your password carefully, and keeping your password secure. Develop a good habit of signing out after using our services.

To protect your password, it is recommended that you change it periodically. Choose a strong password and avoid passwords that are easy to guess. Exstock requires you to enter password with at least 8, and up to 24 characters. At least one numeric and one alphabet characters shall be used. No space is allowed. Password shall not start with symbol.


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Security Feature

Exstock encrypts sensitive information such as credit card information with strong 20148-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption using a DigiCert SSL Certificate.

Exstock follows generally accepted industry standards to protect the information furnished to us, both during transmission and upon receiving it at Exstock. Regretfully (and realistically), no method of transmission and electronic storage is 100% secured. Hence, while we strive to protect and enhance the security of your information, we could not guarantee that it is 100% secured.


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How can you report suspected security issues?

To report security and other general issue, use one of the following options:

  • For Seller (reporting other Seller for suspected Violation of User Agreement, False Information, Copyright Infringement, Obscenity, Counterfeit Product etc.), click ‘Report Seller’ at Product Details page.


(Image 1)


  • For Seller (reporting Buyer for suspected Violation of User Agreement, False Information, Phishing etc.), click ‘Report Buyer’ at Message Thread page.


(Image 2)


  • For Buyer (reporting Seller for suspected Violation of User Agreement, False Information, Copyright Infringement, Obscenity, Counterfeit Product etc.), click ‘Report Seller’ at Product Details page (refer to Image 1).
  • For Guest (providing general feedback), click ‘Feedback’ at Exstock webpage footer.


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How can you be sure if an e-mail or webpage is from Exstock?

If you received notification e-mail pertaining to an order you did not place from Exstock, please send the e-mail as an attachment to For reporting a suspicious URL, please put it in the body of the e-mail and send it to

Clues of suspicious e-mails or webpages from

  • An order confirmation or an attachment to an order confirmation for an item you did not purchase

Action: Go to ‘My Orders’ and check if there is an order that matches details in the e-mail. If it does not match, the message is not from Exstock

  • Links to websites that look like, but are not

  • Attachments or prompts to install software on your computer

  • Forged e-mail addresses to make it look like the e-mail is coming from

Note: If the “from” line of the e-mail contains an Internet Service Provider (ISP) other than, it is a fraudulent e-mail.


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Verify your e-mail address for a new account

For new account registration, we will request your help to verify ownership of your e-mail address with following steps:

  • Click the link in the verification e-mail that is automatically sent to you after your attempt to create the new account

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration and activation of your account

Note: The link for account activation will expire 14 days from e-mail notification


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